Dear, Guests and Students,

I greatly welcome you visiting official website of Uz International Company. The Idea of establishing this company has come to our mind because of bad image of Central Asian students residing in the Republic of Korea. I have been living in Korea for many years with my family and I have experienced many things such as culture, travel, foods and ways of living of Korean people. I have gained enough knowledge and experience about Korean people and lifestyle for a long time. I am willing to share my obtained experience with my countrymen students. Based on my experience, I try and push to open doors for students in Uzbekistan. I helped to establish Uz International Company to serve my nation and students of Central Asia together with my husband Mr. Son Sang Hyuk and Academic advisor Mr. Javharov Anvarkhon. I never stop trying to make our company be the number one company in Korea and Central Asia. Although it has not been a long time since its foundation, it has been doing very well recently. I went to Uzbekistan with officials of Dong-ah Institute of Media and Art last year in December to cooperate with Uzbekistan State University of Art and Culture. As a result, a five-year exchange program agreement was concluded between those two universities with the help of Uz International Company. I participated in this signing ceremony as a representative of Uz International Company. We were so happy to help. I has been so encouraging. I dare to say as a General Director and a model of Uz International Company that our company is playing a very important role as a connection between universities of Uzbekistan and Republic of Korea. Uz International Company is always open for you, my dears. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to cooperate with universities and anyone who needs help to study in the Republic of Korea and vice verse.

Yours faithfully,
General Director of Uz International Company